Weeks 51 & 52

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WEEK 51: December 17, 2013 – December 23, 2013 - SURVIVE AN ICE STORM

We’d been hearing about the freezing rain from before the weekend, the warnings to stay off of the road because conditions were going to get dangerous, but the alerts barely registered with us because we were all off and wouldn’t have to travel very far anyway. Of course the warnings continued and they started to talk about potential power outages so just to be safe we went out on Saturday night and stocked up on a few items that we thought we might need.

As anyone living around Toronto knows, by the time we woke up on Sunday morning a good proportion of the city was without power- including us. We actually enjoyed that afternoon, while the house was still warm- we played games, chased Alexandra around the kitchen and lit candles when it started to get a little dark; it was a mini adventure! And had it just been Brad and I, we’d have likely just stayed put and enjoyed the rare quiet of a dark house, but with Alex in tow we got a little nervous about spending the night with no heat so around 7pm we packed an overnight bag and went to my parents’ place to sleepover.

That ended up being lots of fun too. My brother came to stay over as well since his condo was without power and it turned into a bit of an impromptu pre-Christmas family get-together. Alex was in heaven having everyone around. And minus bedtime, which was impossible after all the excitement (it was after 10pm before she finally passed out!) our evening was great.

Monday morning we enjoyed a nice breakfast at my parents’ house and then ventured out to see how our place was doing. We pulled into the driveway and saw some light shining through the door from our hallway and the three of us actually cheered in the car. Not that we had had a tough time of it, we’d actually had fun, but it was nice  to have the comfort of our own house and our own things back.

Unfortunately not everyone we knew was quite so lucky and by the time Christmas rolled around we had even more than usual to be thankful for, with people close to us still struggling with no power and as a result no heat. The ice storm was definitely an unexpected adventure on our list, and made us really appreciative of what we take for granted as we started our Christmas holidays. We are all very lucky.

Hope everyone had a great Christmas!!

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WEEK 52: December 24, 2013 – December 31, 2013 - TRY ICE SKATING

After the mini drama of the ice storm early in the week we were really looking forward to Christmas week. Brad and I had both booked the time off of work so it was a rare opportunity to hang out as a family for an extended period of time.

We had a fun few days celebrating Christmas Eve and then Christmas Day with our families; Alexandra was spoiled of course and our house is now full of so many toys I’m really not sure where we’re going to store them all! In the pile of gifts there were a few really cool items, including Alex’s first pair of ice skates from Brad’s parents.

Brad has played hockey for pretty much his whole life (he was on skates almost as soon as he could walk) so skating has been something he’s been really excited about sharing with Alex. He got his chance on boxing day at a little rink in Scarborough; a friend had rented the rink for a family skate that afternoon and we brought Alex along with her shiny new hockey skates and helmet to give it a whirl.

I’m so happy to say that she had a blast! She was initially a bit nervous on the ice, but once she realized that Brad wasn’t going to let her fall she loved it. By the end of the hour, as she was getting tired, Brad picked her up and just skated around the rink with her in his arms; he told me afterwards that she kept yelling “faster Daddy faster!” in his ear- pure joy. We really couldn’t have asked for a better way to close off our year of trying new things :)

So that was week 52, which means that 2013 is done for us- from the perspective of our “year of weekly adventures” goal anyway. It’s been a fun ride and an amazing year in the life of our little angel. Read my synopsis here- and thanks for following along!


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