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Hello and welcome to our blog! We are a family of three, mom (Fran), dad (Brad) and sweet baby girl (Alexandra) who wanted to start off this new year with a commitment to try to do new things together as a family. The idea was inspired by this very cool blog www.365thingsin365days.com/  about a young couple’s quest to spend a year doing 365 new things in as many days. With a toddler and two parents who work fulltime this isn’t really a feasible goal, but we thought why not try to do something new on a weekly basis, with the emphasis on new experiences for Alex more than for ourselves.

Over the last 19 months we’ve had the joy of watching our daughter discover what we, as adults, consider mundane with great joy and exuberance; it’s been a pleasure watching her react to things like lemons and splash parks and snow with such excitement and awe and so we look forward to introducing her to more of the simple pleasures that life has to offer.  To that end we’ve made a list of 52 new things that little Miss. Alexandra will be exposed to over the next year (see our “Alexandra’s Adventures” link), one for each week. Our list is comprised of simple things that we think she’ll really enjoy, and while we worked hard to compile this initial list of activities we are open to changing it if we think of things that seem like more fun or if we get some cool suggestions for toddler-appropriate experiences. 

If you’d like to come along for the ride and read about a really cute kid (I’m biased, but she’s adorable!) doing some fun things please check in with us on a weekly basis and see what Alex has been up too. Week 1 starts today, January 1st 2013, and we’ll continue on through to December 31st.

So here we go, let the new experiences begin!

UPDATE as of December 30th, 2013- check out our latest experience…



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