A great year comes to an end…

It is completely unbelievable, but a full year has passed since we started our weekly adventure project. Overall it’s been a good year for the three of us. We’ve experienced so much together and have (mostly!) had a great time doing it; it’s been a year full of amazing memories that we’ll always treasure.

While I don’t think we’ll be documenting our weekly family time for 2014, we’ll definitely strive to carve out a few hours every week just to hang out together. The biggest lesson of this last year has been that even when activities don’t quite go as planned, just being together makes trying things worthwhile; we’ll always strive to do new things and whenever possible we’ll do them together.

A Synopsis - Looking back at the last 52 weeks we’ve done so many different things, most of them very simple, all of them lots of fun; here are some of the activities that we enjoyed the most:

Of course we took photos every week as well! I think I’m more and more thankful for those as our baby girl gets bigger and bigger. Here are some of my favourite photos from the last year:

So that’s officially it for 2013! Thank you to everyone who has come along for the ride and followed our adventures. We’ve had a blast and hope we’ve inspired you to do things with your own family as well. All the best to everyone in 2014!

Fran, Brad & Alexandra


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